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Most businesses, even the smallest ones, have purchased VPS or shared hosting plans without knowing that they are making that choice.  Business owners and managers are just looking for solutions that meet their obvious business needs such as  email, website, or domain hosting.  And for most, that combination is sufficient.  They are looking for outsourced solutions that are low cost, easy to manage, and need no in-house IT resources. But as the small businesses become bigger, or the Web becomes critical to their operations or marketing, they seek more power, security, and control over their hosting environment.  Such needs are better fulfilled by dedicated servers – physical or virtual.

Medium to large businesses have traditionally used dedicated physical servers for applications in LAN/WAN environments to serve their employees.  Over the last decade, due to the preference of web-based interface and anywhere/anytime access requirement of customers and employees, many dedicated servers have moved to the cloud. In parallel, virtualization technologies have improved so that any physical machine can hold multiple virtual servers that can be used for the same tasks as dedicated servers. And some popular applications such as email and SharePoint have been adopted successfully by even large businesses as shared hosting.  These trends have helped IT managers lower costs and meet reduced IT budgets.

So, small businesses are moving up to virtual servers as their hosting needs get more sophisticated. And the larger businesses are moving to VPS or shared hosting for lower costs, outsourced responsibilities, and demand for web-based access of their  business applications and infrastructure.

Security: Shared hosting, as the name suggests, offers shared services, where many websites reside on one web server which increases the risk of intrusion and other security threats. A virtual private server guarantees better security as there is no need to share your processes, IP/TCP stacks, and disk space with other shared users. In Virtual Private Server environment, your virtual servers are isolated from other virtual machines, thus minimizing the risk of unauthorized access from other customers and hackers.

Performance – In a VPS environment, all resources can be regulated. If other user’s machine gets overloaded with heavy traffic or severely hacked, it will not affect your website’s performance.  With shared server hosting, if there are any faults or errors within the server it affects every website hosted on that same server. In VPS server hosting each customer gets a unique IP address. The customers also get administrator or root access which enables him to reboot, install and manage their software applications on Virtual Private Server account.

Customization:  If you do comparison of VPS vs shared hosting, you will find that VPS hosting offers you with a self-managed control panel and root access. With this, you get to install applications that you need. Many of the hosting companies such as Apps4Rent offers support for customer installed applications.

Flexibility: Customizing your firewall configurations in a shared environment is not advisable for it can lead to security breach. However, VPS hosting environment offers you this flexibility. You can open and close the required ports or protocols in the firewall that some applications call for. VPS hosting also offers you the flexibility to adjust your resources with your needs. You can align your server size and online needs as per your business requirement, which is not possible in a shared hosting environment.

Features: In a VPS environment, you can manage your VPS as a snapshot. This means that your complete environment can be reinstated from backup to any physical server with no variations made to your configuration.

If you compare shared hosting vs VPS, you will find that both are beneficial in their own rights. VPS or shared hosting—the choice is yours. However, if VPS hosting is what you choose, then you know whom to choose as your VPS hosting provider. Apps4Rent is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner offering VPS hosting services powered by Microsoft’s Hyper-V technology. Some of the features we offer include remote access, regular data backups, SAS 70 certified data center, tightened security, Windows and Linux OS support, Firewall installation, patch management, server trouble shooting and optimization, software installation and maintenance, web-based control panel administration, month-to-month billing, 24/7/365 days technical support via chat, e-mail, and phone.