Few years ago, people had perception that dedicated VPS server was a compromise over dedicated servers. But due to superior virtualization technologies such as Microsoft Hyper-V, the performance gap between dedicated VPS and dedicated servers has narrowed considerably. In fact, in some other ways such as flexibility and scalability, Hyper-V virtual servers have more to offer. So let us examine some of the advantages of Hyper-V VPS vs dedicated environment.

Hyper-V VPS vs Dedicated Server

Flexibility: A dedicated server may give you complete computing power; however scaling up or down the resources often requires some downtime and/or work at the data center. On contrary, VPS dedicated offers the flexibility to scale up and down the resources in minutes. With VPS dedicated, you don’t need to pay for the extra resources that you aren’t using. You can keep your server size and your computing needs aligned, instead of paying for that unused RAM and storage space.

Cost Effectiveness: As against dedicated servers, dedicated VPS hosting gives you the freedom to pay for only as much resources that you will utilize. There is an economy of scale for the hosting company such as Apps4Rent, as both infrastructure and management costs are reduced. These savings are passed onto customers in significantly lower prices for virtual servers with the same configuration and level of service.

Quick Migration: Dedicated VPS makes migration of a running machine from one server to another an easy process that too without any downtime. Consequently, as your business needs grow, you can move your VPS dedicated server to bigger host servers ensuring better performance.

Customization and Control: Dedicated VPS hosting offers many of the features and capabilities of dedicated servers such as complete control over software with administrator or root access but at reasonable price. The difference between the customization and control offered by a dedicated server and virtual private server is negligible. The only vital difference between the two is that in case of dedicated server the operating system is running on physical hardware and in case of VPS, the OS is running on virtual hardware.

  • Hyper-V Developer

    • 1 GB RAM
    • 35 GB Disk Space
    • Free SQL Server
    • Full Root/Remote Access
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    $24.95 per month


    • 4 GB RAM
    • 40 GB Disk Space
    • Free SQL Server
    • Full Root/Remote Access
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    $49 per month


    • 12 GB RAM
    • 80 GB Disk Space
    • Free SQL Server
    • Full Root/Remote Access
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    $89 per month


    • 16 GB RAM
    • 120 GB Disk Space
    • Free SQL Server
    • Full Root/Remote Access
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    $135 per month

Supported Uses for Dedicated VPS and Dedicated Server

If you compare VPS vs Dedicated Server, you will find that both offer customers complete control over server environment. Consequently, dedicated VPS  and dedicated servers are capable of serving similar hosting needs such as:

  • Web Servers such as IIS and Apache
  • Database server such as SQL Server and mySQL
  • Development, staging, and productions environments for .Net, PHP, and Java.
  • Email servers such as Qmail, SmarterMail, and Exchange
  • Content Management Tools such as WordPress and Joomla
  • E-Commerce Suites
  • Applications such as SharePoint
  • Web-based Control Panels
  • One-click Installers
  • Frameworks and Development Tools
  • Fully Automated Backups
  • SSL Certificates

As you can see, there is just a little difference between dedicated VPS and dedicated servers where they can be used. However, price is the main factor in deciding between the two options. The flexibility offered by VPS dedicated is also a plus. Dedicated server has its position in the market and is suitable for organization looking for high-end business needs which goes beyond the limit of dedicated VPS hosting. However, the trend is more and more towards VPS dedicated server.