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Microsoft’s Hyper-V VPS uses a hypervisor-based technology that splits a server into various isolated sections or virtual machines. It, thus, allows a single server to effectually run several machines at a time, enabling multiple users to work without the need to have their own physical hardware. Users can directly run a hypervisor on a bare metal hardware or can run it on other operating systems such as Linux. Windows Hyper-V VPS are reliable, scalable, reliable and highly available, which can be administered using a central management interface called as System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM).

Virtuozzo VPS uses operating system-level or container-based virtualization technology. In this kind of virtualization, the kernel of an OS allows creations of several isolated instances of a server. It, thus, allows its users to have their own insulated space and enables scaling up or down of resources as per their needs. VPS Virtuozzo can be managed using three options, i.e., Virtual Control Center (a Web-based interface for remote access), a graphical user interface (GUI) interface for monitoring and management), and the command line.

Microsoft’s Hyper-V technology provides various benefits for businesses seeking reliable VPS hosting environment. Firstly, Windows Hyper-V VPS is designed to function faultlessly with Windows Server products. Which means security, updates and patches are managed and taken care of without any conflicts between hypervisor and server programming. Furthermore, a Windows VPS Hyper-V VPS system will enable you to build several instances of Windows servers, each one running a diverse version of the program. This can offer a significant benefit to web developers by allowing them to test applications and programs in different OS environments. Though Hyper-V is compatible with Windows OS and not Linux, various alternatives such as Red Hat, SUSE can be used to test Linux-based applications inside a Hyper-V managed server. Hyper-V VPS also allows to set dedicated RAM allocations, which works as a good performance predictor. Hypervisor technology has the ability to respond dynamically to server use which ensures that resources are allocated as per the needs.

VPS Virtuozzo also provides various benefits similar to Hyper-V. The striking advantage of Virtuozzo VPS  is that it can be used both with Linux or Windows OS. Installation of control panels such as Plesk (also developed by Parallels) becomes easier with VPS Virtuozzo. Any server issues, routine maintenance, among others can be notified easily using Plesk. Moreover, Virtuozzo VPS comes built-in with online graphical user interface called as Virtuozzo Power Panel. Users can use this control panel to manage their servers online.