It may be time to get serious about your WordPress hosting.  Like so many others, you may have started on a free or cheap WordPress hosting site on a shared server.   And after investing many person months into your WordPress site – whether it is for WordPress blog hosting or for a company website, a knowledge base, or an eCommerce site – your site has now become valuable or will be soon.

Now is the time to protect your assets by moving your WordPress site to a powerful virtual server from Apps4Rent. Apps4Rent provides you the best web hosting for WordPress on Hyper-V virtual servers while hosting WordPress at an economical price starting at $49/month.

  • Hyper-V Developer

    • 1 GB RAM
    • 35 GB Disk Space
    • Free SQL Server
    • Full Root/Remote Access
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    $24.95 per month


    • 4 GB RAM
    • 40 GB Disk Space
    • Free SQL Server
    • Full Root/Remote Access
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    $49 per month


    • 12 GB RAM
    • 80 GB Disk Space
    • Free SQL Server
    • Full Root/Remote Access
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    $89 per month


    • 16 GB RAM
    • 120 GB Disk Space
    • Free SQL Server
    • Full Root/Remote Access
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    $135 per month

Best WordPress Hosting Service on Virtual Servers

Scalable as per Demand: As Hyper-V servers support multiple cores and processers; it also offers optimized memory access in virtual machines.   Apps4Rent’s virtual servers thus allows you to assign CPU and RAM as your server needs to host WordPress perfectly.  It is important for search engine optimization of your WordPress website hosting as well as user experience that your site loads fast. If your WordPress hosting sites need more resources with time, you can increase your virtual server hosting plan within minutes to add more resources such as RAM and storage as per your needs.

Install Anything and Everything: Our WordPress cloud hosting offers you administrative access. Thus you can install and set up any applications without worrying about its interference with other users on the server. You can create a development or staging environment for WordPress on the same server and test before you migrate the change to the production site.

Add Server Administration Plans:If you prefer managed WordPress hosting, you can subscribe to a monthly server administration plan.

Stability and Security: Apps4Rent provides you secure WordPress hosting with a virtual dedicated server that has its own allocated resources. This prevents your server and website getting affected from other virtual servers on the same physical machine.

Affordable and Dedicated Environment: It is important that your WordPress web hosting environment be fine-tuned to your requirements because you have plugins and themes that may work only with particular versions.  Apps4Rent is among the best hosts for WordPress and offers you the best of both worlds with its virtual server solutions, i.e., affordability of shared hosting and security and the full control that comes with a dedicated server.

Apps4Rent offers Virtual Servers with Best Hosting for WordPress

  • We are among the best WordPress hosts with years of experience in web hosting with WordPress and other open source software.
  • Our Hyper-V  virtual server are available at affordable prices starting at $49/month offering you one of the cheapest WordPress hosting services.
  • Web-based control panel for administration and monitoring.
  • You can have WordPress website hosting on Windows or Linux OS platform.
  • Full admin/root access
  • Subscribe to one of of our server administration plans and we will move WordPress to new host server.
  • 24×7 technical support from one of the premium WordPress hosting providers.
  • Month-to-month billing cycle.
  • Secure and hardened servers located in SAS 70 certified data centers.
  • Regular data backups.

Apps4Rent offers the WordPress hosting packages that fulfill your dedicated WordPress hosting requirements for speed, control, security and support!  Sign up with us for fast WordPress hosting solutions.